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You have a voice that can make pilots fly into brick walls.
— Air Traffic Control Academy Instructor
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My past as an air traffic controller has given me a great experience.  It is the ultimate combination of right brain/left brain working in tandem.  I believe it is this past that has given me the ability to be able to combine my creativity with my analytical side and put it into being a voice over talent that has a unique set of skills.  After 25 years of being behind the microphone as a controller, and part time DJ, doing voice over, is very familiar to me. 

In many ways, I approach voice over the same as being a controller.  In both, you are creating, with nothing but your words painting the picture.  Each painting has it's own unique set of challenges, and each one needs to be approached differently.

I believe the most important thing in voice over is being able to listen!  You must have a clear understanding of what your client is trying to accomplish.  Make your clients vision your own.  Envision the end result, then get behind that microphone, and paint that picture.  I look forward to helping you create your masterpiece!

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